Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cat Woman

Cat Woman . . . purrrrrrrrrrrrrr! First encountered in the cheesy Batman and Robin TV show. Cat woman certainly got my attention as she was dressed in skin tight leather, wore a mask and wielded a single tail whip. When my kink radar was up and working this character was electric! By the time Michelle Pfeiffer commanded the role I was already well kinked up so drank it all in. I now prefer the photos I see of CosPlay catwomen . . . they are much more sexier than the actresses in the Batman movies will ever be allowed to be!
A sexy, whip wielding cosplayer!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Bitch

The Bitch was a movie from 1979 and I was far too young to go and see it but the thing that stuck in my mind was the billboards and adverts for the movie. The image here is a flavour of what was used . . . and I loved it and desperately wanted to see the film. Joan was a key ingredient in my early sexual fantasies. When I finally did get to see the film years later it was slightly disappointing in the fact that it was vanilla all the way . . . but Joan's figure and sexual allure still hit the right buttons! Thanks Joan.

Here's some of the better clips from The Bitch and The Stud.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The worm that did not turn

The late 70s had a plethora of classic comedy on our screens - some might now make you groan at how awful it was (by today's offerings) or even squirm with embarrassment at the sexist and racist storylines that proliferated. However, as we were trapped in that paradigm we just sat back and laughed along. I hasten to add that now most of us know better. A particular favourite of mine were the Two Ronnies. With my new found interest in fetish I was delighted when the running sketch for the 1979/80 series was chocked full of fetish imagery. The sketch was called "The worm that turned" and the plotline was a future England where woman ruled and men were subservient.

Worm that turned - Episode 1 with the delicious Diana Dors!

Wanda Ventham is looking lovely in this episode.

Very dated but I was fascinated by it back then.

Miss Whiplash

Kenny Everett's television show also propelled the image of Cleo Rocos playing Miss Whiplash into people's houses in the late 70's and early 1980s. This was also another big influence . . . the lovely Miss Rocos in tight fetish clothing wielding a whip in many of the sketches. However I am beginning to imagine that it was a fanciful dream as I cannot find any material on the internet with Cleo as Miss Whiplash? Anyone?

Continuing my education

After I discovered that kink existed my awareness of these things had sharpened and I started to notice the sexual power dynamic in many different places. Television in the late 1970s was fairly tame by today's standards but there were several shows where kink slipped through and as a young, impressionable viewer exploring this new world I lapped it up!

Kenny Everett's television show on ITV was fresh, funny and to use a cliche, ahead of its time. Featured on it, and introduced by Kenny as "naughty bits", were a dance troupe called Hot Gossip. I used to look forward to watching his show for these dancers alone!

When a live television special was broadcast it was the first time that I had seen a Ponygirl . . . I didn't know anything about role play or pet play at the time but it took my breath away.

Thanks Arlene!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A thank you to Madame Cyn, The Sun and the Gratton Catalogue thing!

Are we shaped by our environment . . . ?

When I look back at my young life I can think of a series of events that triggered my life into kink and submission. As a young boy we would get a daily paper and as I got older, around the age of 10 or so I started to take an interest in flicking through the paper when I got home from school and was left to my own devices for an hour or so whilst my mother cooked the dinner. The reason I started to look through the paper was that some of the papers that my father bought had ladies baring their breasts inside. I liked those pictures but also knew I should not let anyone else know that I liked looking at them! Of course I know now that I was looking at The Sun newspaper's Page Three girls. For this young, impressionable boy, far from demeaning women in my mind those photographs made me exalt and adulate the female form, and perhaps the first stirrings of a sort of worship.
Quite by accident I also came across another source of opportunity to admire, adore and venerate ladies partially undressed. The Gratton catalogue was a firm fixture in our household, a way of buying everyday items on credit and getting them delivered direct to your home. It was big, heavy and had lots of glossy pages. My initial interest when younger was for the toy section at the back, me and my sibling would pick which toys we wanted, but rarely got, for Christmas. As I got older I took notice of the women's underwear section and the photographs of the models wearing the items for sale. For some reason I was particularly drawn to the images featuring corsets and girdles and the mature ladies that modeled those.

I have no idea why they attracted me more and I still don't to this day. I can still envision in my mind my favourite photograph . . . a curvy, full figured, dark haired mature lady wearing a girdle corset.

However, the single event that changed my life forever happened quite a while after I had been enjoying the activities described above. I was probably about 13 when I was browsing through a daily newspaper (I think it was the Express or Daily Mail) and came across a story with a large photo of a stout, well dressed lady brandishing a cat o' nine tails whilst standing in front of a large whipping frame. It was a story about Cynthia Payne or Madam Cyn as she became known in the British press. I was very intrigued by the photo, mainly because of her resemblance to my favoured lady in the Gratton catalogue but also by her holding a whip. I read the story and was breathless by the time I finished. Madame Cyn had slaves who served her and they were rewarded by being whipped by her! I kept that page from the newspaper for several years. I was never the same after I read that, I knew then that I wanted to be one of those slaves, and that I wanted to be beaten.

Thank you Madam Cyn.

Fantastic image that encapsulates all that I like from